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Is online levitra real -world (not-a-fake drug) This drug is a fake, in every way possible. It is actually a prescription-strength version of levitra, marketed by a company called Levitra Pharmaceuticals, which has the same address as its counterfeit version. online eczane levitra That address, according to a search on Google Street View, is for the address of address-book section main gate at Los Angeles International Airport, and a spokesperson for Levitra said that the counterfeit drug is sold directly by its manufacturer in the pharmacy section of airport. As you can see in the Google Maps image above, there are signs of counterfeiting all over the place in form of fake bottles Levitra bottles, and the fake "pipettes" (in shape of the word "Levitra" and a red "L") that each look like fake "levitra" pills and come in boxes of 100 that you must "purchase" with Visa or MasterCard. When I visited Los Angeles, the counterfeit Levitra pills weren't sold on the street, but at pharmacy section of the airport. Fake Levitra pills You can see all of the details in this blog post, if you are interested. Levitra is marketed as a pain medication for women who have PMS. But according to the FDA, Levitra should only have been marketed toward PMS, because a pill can't treat or cure acne uterine fibroids, among other things. As if Levitra wasn't bad enough on its own, Levitra also has some serious side effects: Anxiety disorders, including paranoia and panic disorder. Irritable bowel syndrome Treating PMS (which is often accompanied by other hormonal disturbances) can cause changes in the menstrual cycle, increasing risk of these side effects. The fake Levitra is just as dangerous the real thing, though. I was able to get a prescription for Levitra from my regular doctors' offices, but it was incredibly difficult to buy it online. Levitra on the street (not-a-Fake Levitra) Even if you could buy the fake Levitra, there really isn't anything good about it. The packaging is poorly made. A few of my pills had an air bubble in the middle that made them not look like the real thing. The whole package looked very amateurish, and I didn't feel confident that it really contained levitra online order the amount of levitra that I was supposed to be taking. Even the fake "pipettes" were really difficult to swallow, and it wasn't even easy to get the pills open. Levitra can be incredibly painful. The pain is usually worse on the end of arm, and it's really hard to stop.

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