About us

Segway Hebrides is owned and operated by Lynne and Findlay Maciver.

The Macivers experienced the x2 Segways while on holiday and straight away saw the potential for Segway Trekking in the Lews Castle Grounds.

The Segway x2
Built to go off-road, the Segway x2 is designed for varied terrain and is equipped with rugged, deeply treaded all terrain tires which allow it to navigate a variety of landscapes with ease.
How do Segways work?
A self-balancing machine, it senses the lean of the rider and responds by applying forces to the ground in the direction of the lean. For a technical description of how it does this, visit The Segway PT: An Overview.
The technology behind the Segways includes Dynamic Stabilisation, electric propulsion, smart battery management, advanced sensing, drive-by-wire and a digital dashboard.
Green credentials
With zero emissions during operation and powered by electric charge, these vehicles deliver an energy efficiency equivalent to 450 miles per gallon.
The Segway Smile
The term used to describe the involuntary grin you will have once you start moving powered by the intuitive and responsive Segway.

Meet the Team

Findlay Maciver
Findlay MaciverSegway Ranger & Operations
Findlay was born and raised in Stornoway and like many of his contemporaries, spent a lot of his childhood exploring the Castle Grounds. Gliding round the grounds on Segways would have seemed like some sort of science fiction dream to his younger self! He can be found guiding tours, maintaining the Segways and managing our website among other things.


Lynne Maciver
Lynne MaciverSales & Marketing
Lynne hails from New Zealand and is delighted to have made Stornoway her home. You will find her working on marketing and sales, tweeting and it’s probably Lynne on Facebook when you visit our page. Writes for our website too.